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We are a community of people passionate about holistic health as the key to a joyful life.

We begin as ordinary people and become extraordinary just by following age-old practices that are now being explored with greater interest globally: spiritual-oriented meditation, yoga asanas, deep relaxation, regular fasting and simple natural living.

While health crises abound in many parts of the world, a community of individuals like ours glows with vitality, energy and enthusiasm just by sticking to the essentials of a healthy, yogic lifestyle.

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Ananda Marga Yoga Naturopathy

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Ananda Marga Yoga  Naturopathy differs from many other naturopathic approaches.

While most naturopaths primarily focus on food, supplements and the use of Nature’s elements, Ananda Marga’s approach includes that and goes further.

Regular fasting is prescribed as part of preventive measures against disease. Longer fasting and easy Graduated Fasting is prescribed to overcome symptoms.

Yoga asanas are taught to strengthen specific endocrine glands that are contributing to particular sickness.

Meditation for inner realization naturally imbues one with inner inspiration at the core of life itself.

Sufficient water drinking at intervals throughout the day, ensures that bowel movements are consistent and thorough.

Our six steps approach

We teach what we practice and we practice what we teach 


As humans are constituted of 70% water, a deficit in water affects all organs and bodily functions.

Water plays an important role in your digestion and in eliminating toxins, and is crucial in the treatment of skin and many other diseases.

At our centers, you are taught how much water you need and it is adjusted to your evolving physical condition. You will also learn about when to drink and what to drink.
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The food we take has profound effect on our physical and mental health.

We make every effort to ensure our food is tasty. Recipes and cooking systems are taught so you can easily continue with the diet at home.

This way you learn to prepare delicious, nutritious, easy-to-digest, affordable food that will change your health. The food is vegetarian and supports your holistic lifestyle including meditation.

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Fasting enables your body to heal at the greatest possible speed, because it enables it to focus on elimination rather than digestion.

Regular fasting serves as a natural way to maintain good health, cure disease and improve your state of mind. Fasting cleans out toxins and poisonous wastes from the body and helps to maintain a balanced, stable mental state. There are numerous graduated fasting systems.
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Physical exercises

Cardiovascular exercise is important to promote good blood circulation, immune system and many other benefits. It is an essential component of our treatment.

Asanas strengthen and stretch the muscle groups in your body, massage the internal organs, increase blood circulation as well as improve the flexibility and suppleness of your body. Hence, as part of the treatment, personalized asanas are prescribed based on your physical and psychic needs

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Natural treatments

Your body is capable of healing itself. In our centres, we enable you to unleash your own inner natural healing power.

The treatments and remedies used in the centres have been widely tested and are proven useful. They are inexpensive, easily available and mostly doable even at your home. Diet, exercise and asanas are important components of the treatment. Stimulating treatments such as sun bath, mud pack, hot foot bath, steam bath and hip bath are among the systems used in most of our centres.
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Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress, anxiety and pain.

It clears the mind and allows peace and stillness within. When you meditate, you gently open to relaxing and quieting the mind, while experiencing being a body breathing in peace.

For most people, it is their greatest source of positivity and optimism – leading not only to peace and success, but also to a happy fulfilled life.
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Incredible testimonials

I have multiple sclerosis, which of course is a very serious condition. My mother suffers greatly from MS, and one of my family members died from it. I stayed at AM Yoga Wellness Center for 21 days. Most important result was that the numbness in my legs began to feel much less, I recovered some of their natural sensitivity. Of course, I am not cured, but still it’s a big deal for me, and sometimes I don’t even notice any problem in my legs at all. Yes, and I began to feel more energetic on both physical and mental levels. This is a great experience I will bring home and follow it on my own. Juice fasting is an absolute miracle. Thank you all!


During the [naturopathy] course, I felt light, happy and fit. It gave me confidence to talk about detoxification in a way that I understand, and not the way I have understood from reading books.
Thank you very much to everyone at the center, especially Dada Dharmavedananda. I am a changed person, and I look forward to doing many projects with Ananda Marga Yoga Naturopathy in the future.


Joining the detox fasting retreat with Ananda Marga in the south coast was a unique experience for me.
After the 4th day of juice fast and right after colema (colon cleansing), I experienced a partial recovery of my eyesight and my hearing as well!
It was really an astonishing moment as I never had this clarity before.
I am a severe diabetic. My sugar level was 28, then 24; from the third day sugar level dropped to 8; then to 5. That is how effective the detox program is.
I highly recommend this natural system for those who have chronic illness.
More power to the organizer and facilitators.

Menon, South Africa

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